Monsieur Chat

by Joseph, Renae, and Rowan Chaves

Monday , September 7 , 2009
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Comic Alrighty, people, you got us plugging our merch because hey! It's been TWO YEARS since the wonderful Monsieur Chat has been on the Internets!
We've been bustin' our patooties to give you funny cat comics all this time, and we sometimes worry that we suck. So show us that we don't, yeah?
And at least email us and tell us we're awesome. I know the economy sucks right now. But hey, if you need new shirts or thongs or something, think of us first! We'll put clothes on your back! :-P
If there's a certain cat or your favorite strip that you want on a shirt, tell us and we'll make it available to you. I mean, if that's all that's holding you back from buying Monsieur Chat merchandise.
Don't forget, there's also a "Donate" button on the "Feed the Chat" page. We'll put your chat in a comic!
Anyway, hope you've all had a great long weekend, those of you who got one.
Now, back to work!

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