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Monsieur Chat
The star of the comic is in the red bandana on the comfy chair.

Senor Gato
He lives next door to Monsieur Chat.
He wears a sombrero, but you already knew that.

Daddy (not shown)
He is one of Monsieur's people.
We thought the reader should never see
the humans in the comic strip, just legs,
like in Muppet Babies or the Peanuts.
It has nothing to do with my inability to draw.

The nicer of Monsieur's people. Shown only as an arm here.
She's always on the right off panel.
This is also where the notes are placed on the
site which are written by her.

The White Cat
This nameless cat is the Arch-nemesis of Monsieur.
The blue bow around her neck is Monsieur's revenge upon her.

Comrade Kot
Comrade is the one with the Ushanka with the red star on it saying "Hsss!!"
You now know all there is to know about her.

Captain Cat
Captain Cat is the pirate cat. She was run over by that red truck outside and lost a leg.
But now she's awesome with a pirate hook, eye patch, and hat!

Mister Cat
Mister Cat, once known as Anonymous Gray Cat, is gray and wears a red baseball cap.
He is average height for a cat. Nothing really stands out about him.

Mauw is the cat on the kitty tower that's missing an ear. He lost it in a fight with
Comrade Kot. He is the henchman of Captain Cat.

The striped kitty.

Minion is the kitty made of little black Monsieur poofs that magically came to life.
Just like Frosty.

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