Monsieur Chat

by Joseph, Renae, and Rowan Chaves

Thursday , November 27 , 2008
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Comic Let me take this moment to say: I KNOW, I KNOW that Thanksgiving, to me and the people I love, is about sharing food and thanks and love with those you care about and all that bloobity shploo! I'm down with that!
But I remember having to make paper headresses and Pilgrim hats in elementary school, and only later did I realize how WRONG that was. *sigh*
This isn't a political or historical or hell, even close to serious comic, though, and so I will NOT even get into all that here! Talking cats, y'all.
So anyway, Joe made this strip and I was SPEECHLESS (well, when I wasn't laughing my ASS off) and I actually, truly *spluttered*...and then decided we needed to post it, because it was really freakin' funny!
We hope you think so too...and we are thankful for each and every one of you readers, and for all that we have and all whom we love.
Bloobity Shploo!
Happy Thanksgiving.

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