Monsieur Chat

by Joseph, Renae, and Rowan Chaves

Friday , May 16 , 2008
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Comic That's right...we're making "drug" references! Ooh we are so bad!
Anyway, Captain Cat needs it, man! And well, Gato is just a dirty bastard! Hahaha!
Right, so, right now we are probably on a plane on the way to California and a wedding! Woo! And when we get back...
..I will be going in for ACL reconstruction surgery. I hurt my knee about 20 years ago, and finally, finally I am getting that shit fixed.
So wish me luck!
And no, the comics won't be postponed or anything. I mean, hell, I'll be sitting my ass in front of the computer even MORE for a while. No excuse not to work on comics!
Anyway, see you Monday!

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