Monsieur Chat

by Joseph, Renae, and Rowan Chaves

Friday , May 9 , 2008
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Comic She's a friggin' PIRATE! This one of my favorites in the strip!! HAHAHA!
I want a teeny little hat for Monsieur. But I think he would kill me.
But that is beside the point because...I want to call your attention to the newest, most awesome addition to our little endeavor:
Monsieur SHOP!!!
That's right, dear and lovely readers; now you can have a mug, a t-shirt, some undapants, for your VERY OWN! Up until now I was the only one who had a Senor Gato shirt...but now you can, too!
We are super-excited about this, and we hope you are too! New products will be added as we think them up.
Now, go and enjoy the comic, y'alls. Have a fabulous weekend!

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