Monsieur Chat

by Joseph, Renae, and Rowan Chaves

Wednesday , January 2 , 2008
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Comic Okay, so I have to shed light on one of my pet peeve typos, because Joe totally did it in this strip and I had to fix it:
It's "YOUR people" as in, "the people that belong to you", NOT, "YOU'RE people", like, "you are people"!!
Got it? Good. :-P
I know what he meant, and I fixed it. But hey, I spend time on so many forums where people are destroying the English language faster than you can type "LYKE OMGZ tHaT iZ so l337!!!"
(yeeeouch. It actually took me a really long time to type that out. *boggles*)

In other news, today is my birthday! Happy Birthday to me! I am 32 years old today, and I totally am not doing anything for this momentous occasion...unless you count going to WORK. Haha.
It's all good. Enjoy the strip!

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